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Sheryl Budnik’s Relentless Landscapes
Review posted on arthack1, 2013, by Tamara Fox

“It is exceptional to see landscape paintings that are as evocative as those by
Sheryl Budnik....Like those of Joseph William Mallord Turner, Budnik’s paintings
exhibit a kind of frenetic handling of the paint. The surfaces are thick..often scraped down,
and built-up....they are....allied with the works of Albert Pinkham Ryder or Emil Nolde.
Budnik’s paintings are surprisingly challenging because of their dynamic surfaces, and
disorienting compositions.” - arthack1

Sheryl Budnik, Artist Welcome to

There is magic on this planet, and it is contained in water.
Its substance reaches everywhere, our own life is a liquid brew.
Many of my paintings are about water, the ocean and the Great Lakes.
Other portfolios show landscapes and abstract paintings.

Using oils and palette knives, I Intuitively build the paint skin, strive for a visual
flash-point and search for unknown places of the spirt. My painting surface
is visceral — color, movement and light define the image.

Water painters Turner, Ryder, and Monet guide my hand.
You will see Soutine and the Abstract Expressionists in my work.
I hope you enjoy looking at the paintings in the portfolios.
For galleries and contact information please click on the contact page.

See portfolios for images of paintings

100 Artists of the Midwest
Featured on 2 color pages, edited by E. Ashley Rooney, Schiffer Publishing Ltd., 2012
Coming 2014: “Artist Homes and Studios”; 2016: “The Flag in Contemporary Painting”

“My painting is not random experimentation; I am seriously trying to push color over the edge, create form out of paint and leave a fresh surface - the painting must be alive. It is an exhilarating, terrific ride...each painting is like a race, leaving me crumpled on the finish line.” - Sheryl Budnik, 100 Artists of the Midwest, Schiffer Publishing Ltd.

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